No. S-a-a-S team will only supply resumes and will not be involved in any other recruitment activity. Thus we are not charging any additional commision for selected resumes. If complete recruitment services are required, there is a different model and service.


The validity period for the purchased product is 30 days. In case the Job Description is not provided in time or provided on the last day/day before the last day then only 1 resume will be guaranteed. If the Job Description is provided after the validity period, it will not be considered. Hence no resume will be provided.

The product purchased is only applicable to one job description. For the approved job description, you will get up to 3 resumes which means if you shortlist the 1st resume we are going to stop our search and no resumes will be shared thereon. In case the 1st or the even the 2nd resume does not fit the bill then we will share the 3rd (last) resume.

We have stringent process for Job Description (JD) approval, after which we provide valid resumes. If we foresee any challenge with the Job Description, we are going to return the JD stating valid reasons and will request for a revised version of the same. Thus, the scenario for not providing the resumes does not arise. For certain situations impacting availability of candidates, which is beyond our control, we may have to close the JD without any resumes.

SaaS team does not guarantee the resumes with immediate joining clause. It varies from Job Description to Job Description. However, the team shall try and provide 1 out of 3 resumes as an immediate joiner (candidate with joining period between 0-30 days).

Sourcing (Saas)

No. SaaS caters to sourcing the qualified candidate resumes against the job description. For end to end recruitment services, Voliskill offers Staffing solution.

The only deliverable that SaaS provides is of the resumes. There is no way we can check on the duplicate candidates available with individual customers, thus it is beyond our control. The identification of duplicate resume is out of scope. Such cases, though could be rare, shall be accounted as valid resume delivery from our end.

Currently, this service is only available for candidates who are working in India.

Yes. The SaaS team provides only qualified candidate resumes post the approval of the shared JD. Our team does a primary level of screening which means we shortlist the resume and speak with the candidate confirming if he/she will be interested in the offer. The team sends details into a standard tracker format with each resume.

We provide the candidate resumes post discussion and confirmation from them. If the candidate changes his/her mind or if he/she is unreachable, we are not responsible for the same. The resume submitted will be accounted against the Job Description.

No, Voliskill Team's job is to get in touch with the potential candidate, sell your company, provide them details abvout the requirement and get confirmation from them. Any other interaction with the candidate is out of scope under Sourcing service.


Yes, staffing deals with end-to-end recruitment process whereas Sourcing only offers qualified candidate resumes to the client.

No. Staffing service’s pricing model is different from that of Sourcing. The pricing isn’t fixed. Instead it depends on the level/designation a person will be hired and the number of hiring within a certain period.

In such scenario, our team will find a suitable replacement and carry the same process without any additional fee. In short, the replacement will be free of cost.

Since Staffing comes with two types of hiring, the scenario will be different for both. In case of Permanent hiring, the selected candidate will be on the client’s payroll whereas in case of Contract based hiring, the candidate will be on Voliskill’s payroll unless the client plans to absorb the candidate.